You're bored again

Without even trying you tear me a part.
Dismember me, limb by limb.
Then you stare, confused.
What do you do now?
No idea how to put me back together,
No desire to either.
Because that's to hard.
And you see, I'm not surprising.
Not entertaining.
Now you're bored again.
You want to move on without worrying about the mess.
Because the mess is always my job.
I wish my heart had doors to keep you out.
Strong locks with unbreakable codes.
So strong, I'd never know when you screamed through the peephole.
You remind me of why I stay behind my walls.
Why I made them so thick.
The immobilizing pain of being shredded is too much to keep receiving.
And you do it, because you don't know who you are.
You dig through me to find yourself.
There is no balm for this burn.
You don't look back as you leave me to bleed away.
And you don't even close the door on your way out.....

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