"Love me or hate me...

But you won't make me or break me."
-Lil' Wayne

That phrase has been rolling around in my head a lot recently.
I have been having such a hard time with a teacher in my school who absolutely dislikes me for no reason that I can come up with.
The sad thing is that she has been doing it to other students for years. She has her favorites and the rest of the class she treats like dirt. Resulting in most of them dropping out.
I have tried to discuss it with her, tried to make it right, but she refuses to talk to me about it or even acknowledge that there is a problem.
It's been so bad that I have considered switching campuses.
One of the biggest things that has helped me is the fact that I was offered a job at a Veterinary hospital. I have over a year left in my training before I can be licensed as an RVT and after 44 hours of internship one hospital offered me a job. And I love working for them!
It helps me to stay focused and remember why I went into this line of work.
This teacher is just a bump in my road, and not only have I dealt with worse people than her in my life, I will continue to deal with people like her for the rest of my life.
I'm not looking for a fight, But I won't back down from her either. I am going to fight for what I want, and she can either help me get there or she can get out of my way.
She can love me or hate me, but she won't make me or break me.

Enjoy a video of my Mascot, the Honey Badger.
He's a pretty awesome little guy!
(**Warning** Video contains adult language.)

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