Big Sigh

I feel like I am going crazy.
Seth left on Monday for work, and he won't be back till probly tomorrow night.
Caden got sick Tuesday. Of course the week I am a single parent Caden is throwing up! Poor little guy. He had a slight fever yesterday, but I figured he would be ok to go to school today. So I slept in bed with him for a few hours last night, and he was miserable. His skin was so cold but every time I covered him up he would get so distressed in his sleep and kick the blankets back off. He woke up crying at 7 that his tummy hurt. So I just put on the Disney Channel and let him stay home again.
My Grandmother called today to update me on my Grandfather. He is doing better, they are just praying they will get his kidneys functioning. Or he might have to be put on permanent Dialysis. She seems so tired and stressed out. And I know she is sad over things with my mom. She kept apologizing for her, she even told me she couldn't imagine the hurt I have for being without a mom. That made me tear up. Especially the last two weeks when I could use some family support.
My Grandma took out time to leave me the sweetest comment on my FB wall:

It really meant so much to me to read that.
So all week I have had no face to face adult contact...I might go hug my crazy neighbor just to so I don't feel so alone. lol I never realized how needy I was till this week!
I keep crying at nothing. Goes to show how stressed I am. I am still so worried about Grandpa, and I have barely slept in two weeks...Guess it makes sense that I would go a little nutty.

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