WANTED: A full night's sleep!!

Oh what I wouldn't give for a full night's sleep!!!
My hormones are so out of wack right now it's crazy.
I'm breaking out, I haven't slept in two weeks, EVERYTHING made me cry yesterday!! And I do mean everything. My cheeks felt pruney from tears.
Last night I took 2 sleeping pills(Prescription!) 2 vicodin, 1 glass of red wine and 1 tramadol. The pain pills I took at 11 the sleeping pills I took at 1. Guess what time I fell asleep? I'm not sure...but I know it was getting light outside.
Not sleeping at night is horrible. Cause even if you sleep in you still feel as though you don't get enough rest. It makes your body hurt, head hurt, everything hurt.... I can't even think straight.
At least I know it's not the coffee keeping me up...Since I quit drinking it a few months ago.
Seth has been really great in helping me the last week too. He even made his own dinner last night! Poor guy.
And he didn't laugh at me, much, when a commercial made me break down crying.

Remember 3 weeks ago when I was so excited I had a new doctor? And I could pronounce his name too!!!
Well....I have been calling to get an app for the last 3 weeks...No one is returning phone calls over there. Now I am getting pissed off. So now I am on hold with my INS. Hopefully they will get a hold of my doctor and figure out what's up!
Don't forget that the Naughty List is tomorrow, and I will have some giveaways coming up!

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