Unclear Dreams

I dream of you and I spend the rest of the day in a haze.
I have tried so hard to forget you.
Thoughts of you flit in and out like bubbles.
And I am left in a breathless haze.
Aching in a way that I assumed was over.
My need for you so fresh, as if it was just the other day that you turned your back on me.
My heart beats an aching throb resounding with fresh pain.
I'm doing the best that I can do without you.
I need you back.
But I am afraid of the changes you'd bring with you.
Just a stupid unclear dream.
Yet I feel your loss so clearly.
I thought you were holding me, giving me that sweet smile.
But I awoke to loneliness.
And your touch as far away as ever before.
I want to hate you for making me love you!
But you're not here.
I never even had the chance to look into your eyes when I said my last goodbye.
Now you're not here.
And I am all alone without you.
And if I didn't miss you so much I would hate you for this pain.
And if I could talk to you one more time I would ask you to quit haunting me.
Because I'm losing me in all this pain.
These days cut like broken glass, and the tears seem never ending.
I dream of you and spend my day in a haze.
Just a stupid unclear dream.
But now I spend my day crying in pain.

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