Monday, October 4, 2010

Blog Hops for Monday!


1. What is the best dish you can make?
My husband says my lasagna!
2. How often do you change your sheets?
I used to wash them once a week. But since we no longer have our own washer and dryer I am only able to wash them every two weeks.
3. What is the longest car trip you have ever taken?
I have driven from California to Arkansas more times than I can count. And it's around 2000 miles. 
4. What is your favorite fruit?
Probably raspberries.
5. Would you rather have breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
I don't like to eat breakfast. I just don't. However I am kinda weird about wanting to eat breakfast stuff before I eat real food..... So i'd probly rather have breakfast for dinner.



Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums


kalea_kane said...

Ooooh I love breakfast at any time. The mornings are usually too hectic to even enjoy it except on the weekends. Have a great week!

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aims said...

i know love breakfast either!! YUK..

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Amanda said...

I love lasagna

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