Me and my wild friday nights!

So... I am in the hospital. Or well I am in the ER hallway sittin on a gurney.
I STILL could not get in to see my doctor, so I called my ins and got a new doctor, but that doctor couldn't see me today either and I got super sick of havin an ice pack on my hoo ha from the pain and decided to come in.
An ER on a Friday night...ya not too smart. BUT shockingly it was not busy at all They are doing all sorts of tests and I'm hooked up to an IV that will hopefully will have some happy juice in it.
My cell service is nill...But they have free wifi so I can blog and face book chat since I was smart enough to bring my netbook.

But I keep smellin bacon, and that reminds me that I haven't eaten yet today and I am STARVING!!!

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