Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bubble Thoughts!

Life As I See It

Thank you for joining me once again with the simply scrumptious BiPolar Diva for our second round of Bubble thoughts!

~Earlier tonight I was driving home from the grocery store when I almost hit a man walking accross the street.
BUBBLE THOUGHT: Black people should  be legally required to wear reflectors when they walk at night. Or not jay walk. Along that same line of thought... White people should not wear white and then jay walk in broad daylight. Black people might hit you. I'm just sayin.

~While walking Caden homme from school today he told me that when I get old like his grandma, I will forget things all the time, like his grandma.
BUBBLE THOUGHT: I am sooooo telling my mother in law what Caden just said about her!!!! ~Evil Giggle~

~An exceptionally not small woman was pushing a shopping cart that was over loaded with soda, cookies, chips, marshmallows, and frozen pizza. And she had the nerve to give me the stink eye when I put one box of brownie mix in my cart.
BUBBLE THOUGHT: This is my emergency stash. ONE box. You look like you're single handedly urging on diabetes. Have  fun dying early fatty mcfaterson!

~My husband started a fantasy football league with all of our friends and so of course I have my own team and I have bee drafting all week with him and our friends. Seth set it up to do it over text messaging to make it easier. We don't all have to be on the computer at the same time.
BUBBLE THOUGHT: I have gotten a million and a half texts from Seth today. 99% of them were about football. I'm pretty sure I could have been sexting him all day and not one text would have penetrated his head unless I was using football lingo.

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Mel said...

omg i had to giggle at your last bubble thought about texting hehehe

Kristin @ Domestically Disabled said...

OMG!! I live in a neighborhood of nothing but block people, and thats fine, we don't mind being the only white family, BUT I cannot tell you how many times at night i have almost hit them, and then saw white teeth and was like " oh CRAP!" I say all the time" the law should make them wear white at night" I LOVED that bubble thought, always refreshing to know I a not the only one thinkking it! I think I'll join yall for Bubble thoughts.

sami said...

maybe she wanted the box of brownies

Pat said...

I agree....maybe she wanted your box....of brownies. Hee hee!