QUICK!!! What day is today?

None of ya'll were quick enough so I had to look it up myself.

Can you tell I am in a gripey mood?
I was supposed to take Caden down for his Kindergarten enrollment today BUT OF COURSE today I can't find his birth certificate anywhere.
I have torn drawers and closets a part and I can't find it. Starting him in school has really been a pain in the butt. First we were told we had been trying to enroll him in the wrong county. WELL THANKS! You could have told me I had the wrong county when I called you a month ago to enroll him in school instead of ignoring my phone calls! So now instead of  school starting on September 21st like I had been told, it starts August 23rd. That's right people. NEXT MONDAY!
School starts next Monday. And my son is STILL not enrolled. FRICK!!
Then I find out he needs one more shot before school. GREEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAT! And of course their only app available is August 23rd. SO...let's recap... Caden starts his first day of school then goes straight from there to get a shot. Think this might scar him a little?
My other issue was with the state of Oklahoma who is being states-ist. (That's when one state is prejudicial against another and discriminates against them.) Oklahoma has been refusing this last year to fax over Caden's previous shot records, FROM TWO YEARS AGO, to his current Doctor who, of course, is here in California. So I had to call and get on the phone with them and what da ya know!? They have all of the request forms from me sittin right there. Thankfully they faxed it right over. (It really is hard to deny me anything!)
So Caden's enrollment app is scheduled for tomorrow at 1. But I will probly have to leave here early in the morning to go to the town Caden was born in to buy a new birth certificate.
I also woke up to being locked out of an email act. Not only that, but whomever did it tried to delete the blog attached to that act. I finally got them both back but my email boxes were completely erased. So I lost every contact and affiliate info I needed for that other blog. I am super super super mad. ESPECIALLY When I get blamed for doing it on purpose to lose some emails that I really shouldn't have sent in the first place. (Spank me, I'm naughty.)
So I am in a bad bad bad mood.

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