Writing to avoid housework.

I am writing to avoid housework...lol Seth is gonna kill me. Him and Caden are going Camping this weekend. Why am I, the camping queen not going with them? Apparently cause I don't have a penis. Nevermind that I have the balls, probly more balls then some of the men that are going, I still don't have a penis and so am not allowed to go. Bullshit. lol Well really what else can I say about it?
So I will be off to Rio Vista to spend the weekend with my Mother in Law. Yay.
No I do love my MIL. She has put up with a lot of stuff from me over the last 7 years, and she always does make an effort when I come to visit. I wish I could stay here and find some GF's to hang out with. But since my car is STILL NOT FIXED... I don't feel like being so far away and stranded in case anything happens.
Speaking of.... I told Seth to get a refund on my anniversary present. Now Nikki Calm down. Deep Breaths and listen before you call and yell at me! I needed to do it.
A little background info.....Seth and I rarely do the Anniversary thing cause it never turns out good. He can't ever figure out what to buy me, we never have the money to go anywhere.... It's just better for both of us if we make as little a fuss as possible out of it. Which is sad.
This year we found a snowboard and gear, that he had really wanted, and that I had already been thinking of getting him. So we bought it last month and it was his present early. He bought me tickets to Wicked. If you don't know what that is... Go kill yourself. Seriously. You are missing out NOT knowing what it is...and you have to have lived under a rock for the last 10 years not to have heard about it. I have all the books, know the ENTIRE score, and have seen every youtube video on Wicked. To FINALLY get to go see it is a dream come true. However.... I need my car. It's been a year without it. And we are coming into summer with only a work truck that has no Air Conditioning. Which brings me to point two. I do not DO NOT want to drive 2 hours to Frisco in an old crappy work truck, with no AC, in formal wear, to show up at a broadway musical. (Just put yourself in my shoes for that one. Not fun.) AND I know we don't have the money to go and get me a dress. Not to mention shoes (Thanks Paul you fucking asshole.) The more I think about it the more irritated I get. And I just want the money back from the tickets and we can use it to fix my car.
I'm a girl. I like dressing up, I wear pink, I can't get enough of musicals. I remember EVERYONE's Anniversary and I send cards..... But this year, the only gift I want, is my car running. That sounds like a huge sacrifice for me to make, and it is, but if it happened, it would still be the best and most expensive anniversary gift I had ever received.
But it would bring me lasting enjoyment. Like not having to run of to be baysat by my inlaws everytime Seth goes away for the weekend.
Ok I need to go and do some packing and cleaning now or I will just continue bitching!!

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