What an odd week so far.

I dunno about ya'll but my week just seems weird so far.
Seth used a pressure washer on his foot yesterday (Accidently) and it really hurt part of his foot. I am going to the bay area tonight for a party because one of my bestest friends is visiting!!! I am SUPER psyched about that. I might even make some cupcakes!
I am fighting allergies right now. Ugh.
I am not sleeping well. Of course it doesn't help that my new neighbors sat on their back porch and started smoking weed at 12:30 last night and then had a mini party with LOUD people that cussed every other word.
Ok step back... If you wanna smoke weed that's your thing. Just don't do it where the smoke comes into my house. If you want to cuss fine. PLEASE don't do it when I am trying to sleep! It makes my dreams crazy. AND if you want to have a party FINE. But not between the hours of 12:30 and 2 am. THANKS!

So it's been 2 days and I officially hate the new neighbors.
Saturday is Wicked. I want to see it...but I don't want to drive to Frisco in a truck with no AC and in formal wear.
Crap! I still don't know what I'm wearing!!!
In the last week and a half I have read pretty much every Anita Blake book written. Which is nice...and yet I have escaped into fantasy land a wee bit too much.
And my 7 year Wedding Anniversary is on Monday. lol I don't feel prepared for any of it!
This is just an odd week and I am sleepy and cranky. Can you tell?
So My dear beloved readers, How are you?
How's your week?
Anything to look forward to in the blogosphere?
If any of you use Facebook. I added a fan page for this blog. Woohoo! Who knows...Maybe one day It'll be Twitter!

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