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What I Meant To Say Wednesday. Hosted by: Angel Believes, Boobies Babies and a Blog, and Not Your Average Teen ! The premise is simple really...You know how sometimes you get someone who just irritates you, but instead of saying what you want to, you say something nice and sweet? Well with this Meme you get to share what you MEANT TO SAY!

Here's Mine:

So this morning I was awoken by a loud banging on the door. Stumble out of bed, trying to throw my hair in a pony tail, can't find robe, more loud banging, no time for a bra! Open door and blinded by morning sun!
"Wha.. Who...huh?"
"Yes ma'm it's Comcast Cable. We need a payment or your eqipment. Your service has been shut off."
"Impossible." Which came out sounding like "Impontodderable." Just woke up... No coffee yet.
"No ma'am. I have the work order myself."
Finally anger took over and woke me up.
"You're wrong. I paid the bill last week. Someone else was just here Sunday fixing my service."
"That's not possible ma'am. You're bill is very overdue."
"What's the name on the work order?"
"I don't know."
"Excuse you?" I'm mouthy when I am woken up and have no coffee. Seriously this guy is lucky he walked away.
"Let me go and grab the paperwork and see."
"Ya you do that!"
~Shuffles off to truck, comes back~
"What's the account name here?"
"Seth Nelson."
"Oh this is a different name. Sorry to bug you." He walks off.
Now What I meant to say is:
"Listen you ignorant Poo-Sucker! Come and get your equipment! This is the second time in a week you have "Accidentally" Shut my service off. You woke up an insomniac with a hormone imbalance and should be thankful I didn't fly out of this house in a bra-less rage, throwing my Toddler at you to slow you down so I could suck the caffeine from your blood stream. I'm switchng to DISH!"
~Enter any preffered expletive anywhere in the above paragraph.~

But I'm nicer than that. HA!

My favorite word today is SHHH!!! Apparently it's my favorite word because I keep saying it over and over and over!!! But is it working.....Not one stinkin bit!!!
I would love to magically conjure up a twin for Caden today. He has put me on mental overload already, and it's not quite noon. Taking him to the pool and letting him run himself ragged sounds great!!
But not before I down a pot of coffee. Happy Hump Day to you all!

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