Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One more reason not to diet.

So I recently read an article on Dieting. Which I tend to do more than I like to admit. I know the PCOS is the reason why I have such a hard time losing weight. But I am constantly looking for little tidbits or tricks I could use to help me, since I don't do diets. Nikki does WeightWatchers and she swears by it, and I admit some of the recips are Delish, but will I do WW? Nope. I eat healthy, I do my best to snack healthy.... I just don't do diets.
SO! I came across an article that talked about counting calories. Ugh! Something else I won't do! But this article said that for the majority of Woman counting calories doesn't work. Why? Because it stresses them out. And when we get stressed our bodies build Cortisol. And Cortisol causes.... DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN...
                                                               BELLY FAT!
Now I can relate to that. It does stress me out. I have some friends who view it as a stress relief and that just seems like one step away from being too controlling to me. But whatever works for you Congrats.
So...What does work for you when it comes to losing weight? Different things work for all of us, what are your tricks or tidbits?


Nikki said...

Yes I do swear by WW, its easier than anything else I have tried, plus I don't see it as a diet per say. But I do know its not for everyone.

If ONLY you lived closer we could be each other's personal trainer....maybe that would help, LOL.

-MissC* said...

OOOOOOH! You could cook and I could get you to work out! PERFECT!!!
Maybe I could figure out a way to work out while cooking!

margg. said...

dieting stresses me out.
the word 'diet' stresses me out.

Laina said...

try to go on a walk at least once a day...even just around the neighborhood, it will burn calories and it's good to get fresh air, as for food, try using a smaller plate to fit less food on it. Also, I tried something recently that sounds silly but it worked....chew every bite you take 10-15 times and follow every bite with a sip of something to drink. You will get full a lot faster. :)

Nikki said...

Oh yeah lunges while making stir fry is soo the rage, haha. I'm sure we'd figure something to do while cook to make our hearts dance to weird songs!!