Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today I'm thinkin of Best Friends.

Every once in awhile I think about best friends. I miss mine.

Ain't she cute?! (She's the perky little blond pixie on the left.)You can find my dear sweet Nikkilicious here.
We live 2000 miles a part and I don't get to see her often so I miss her like a crack fiend in rehab.
("They tried to make me go to rehab I won't go, go".... HA! Now you have that song stuck in your head!)
She is Possibly getting to see her other BFF today. (Me, jealous? NO! Ok.....Just a smidgin)
I have heard about her BFF for YEARS! They went to high school together and the stories they tell about her are side-splitting funny. But I have never met this woman! She doesn't live very close to Nik either. (Poor Nik!!) But she might FINALLY get to visit with her today and now I am sad and super jealous cause I do wanna visit my Nikki too. I also want to visit my niece and nephew! Bailey is such a serious little boy that he makes me wanna laugh and tickle him all the time. And Jocelyn is the worlds biggest cuddle bug but she also takes after her dear auntie's heart in that she is gonna be my girly shopping partner!!!
But I most especialy want to see my Bo-Bear. Bo is one of my all time favorite people.
He is always himself, and has no problem beein a goofball to make you laugh. But he is so smart that you can sit there and have a perfectly intelligent conversation with him as well. One of the things I love most about Bo is that he is picky about his friends. Bo is like a hard shelled candy, but once you suck and bite on him a little you'll get a warm gooey center that you just wanna wrap yourself in! (Yes Nikki I had to say it just like that. Once I thought it up I knew you would die laughing reading it.)

 I feel very lucky to be able to call myself one of Bo's friends. (I have heard you call me that Bo so you can't take it back now!!!)
I have been lucky enough to have a few best friends growing up.
My best friend Shanna who moved to North Carolina last year.  She is visiting Cal right now and managed to have Emergency Gall Bladder Surgery!! lol


My HighSchool BFF Racheal!

My childhood BFF Jenna.

All of my BFF's have moved away, have their own lives. It's so rare to see or hear from each other anymore. I guess that means I am currently holding auditions for my new best friend. You have to be ok ok with drinking, yet have high standards. Can't get offended easily. LIVE IN AT LEAST THE SAME AREA CODE AS ME! And I would prefer if the new BFF would read a book on occasion.
Until then...Here is an ode to all of the BFF's I have had so far. Even if we aren't close anymore I love you.


Emily said...

Ah, my best friend in millions of miles away and I havn't seen her in over a year! :(

I am your newest follower!

Hope you are having a great day!

-MissC* said...

Millions of miles?! Holy Cow!! I hate that.
Thanks for bein my newest follower. Whereever did you find me at? lol Nice to hear from you!

Elizabeth Symington said...

Looks like you have been blessed with some wonderful BFF. I'm also a hard candy to crack, but loyal to the end. It's been a while since I've been over here and I'm really enjoying catching up with a fellow Sacramento dweller or whatever we are called.

-MissC* said...

lol Thanks for stoppin by Elizabeth!

Nikki said...

DUUUDDEE You better not be auditioning for a new BFF cause I will totally take her out in the parking lot and whomp you both senseless~said with the worst country twaing I can create~.....

It sucks that our friends have moved away and have new lives without us. You know its an amazing friendship though when you can't let distance come between you! MWUAH'S my honey cheeks! I'll pass on the hard candy with a gewy middle on to Bo, he'll fall over laughing just like I did.

Laina said...

They sound like wonderful friends :) I know how hard it is living far away from loved ones. Being a military wife, we are always moving so I only get a chance to see in person my loved ones a couple times a year. Makes me sad sometimes. I love this song from WICKED. I cried the first time I heard it :)

Nikki said...

Oh I forgot, its today that she is possibly coming by not yesterday.