A new MeMe and a Link up!!

Life As I See It

Welcome to my new MeMe! TV TIME THURSDAY! (Yes I know Tuesday would fit more but it wouldn't work as well!)
So to start I am going to admit to something.....
I watch TV!
Not all day long. (Yes I know people think that's all SAHM's do) And usually not even every day. I watch old movies on T.C.M. And I watch some shows at night with Seth. So many people view watching TV as such a nono...but we all know that pretty much everyone does it!
So this MeMe is for sharing your favorite episode of the week! When you think back over what you did watch what was the best part for you?

One of the shows I love to watch is actually tonight, Royal Pains! But I have to say that the show I loved most this week was Lie To Me. The main character, Cal is a witness at the trial of a woman who is accused of murdering her much-older husband, a business tycoon.
This show stars Tim Roth, as Cal Lightman, and he is a very quirky but fun to watch character!
So Tell me Tell me what your favorite show was this week and don't forget to link up! Maybe someone else is enjoying the same show as you!

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