Networked Blogs and Your Blog on Facebook. How simple it is and how much it helps!

Obviously as bloggers we are all looking for ways to get our blogs out there and get more readers. By combining sites we already use it makes it not only easier for us to keep track of everything but easier for our readers/friends/family members as well. I know from my personal experience I have over 300 FB friends, and maybe 10 of them have blogs. And yet a good number of them enjoy reading my blog.
So one of the things that I have done is created a group page, or a "Like" page for my blog. When my FB friends go to it and click like all of the updates from it go to their wall. Also it shows up on their FB page that they like it and then their friends can check it out and see what it is. I have gained 15 new readers since I started my FB Group page 2 weeks ago.

The other thing I have done, thank you Nikki, is joined a FB Application called NETWORKED BLOGS. This is a great thing to do for SO many reasons!
1. It's free advertising.
2. You link it to your blog via your RSS feed and it will automaticall y post your Blog posts to your Personal FB page or your Blog's Group page. OR BOTH! Then all of your FB Pals who don't use blogger, can read your posts from their FB walls. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

3. You can easily find new blogs to read.

4. Because you are finding new blogs to read new people can find you too!

So we learned it's easy to do, you get new followers, you'll find new things to read, and it gets your blog out to un-blogging friends. Take ten minutes and sign up now!
Don't forget to add Life As I See It to your FB page and follow me on Networked Blogs. I will be sure to return the favor!

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