I'm gonna be weird and talk about feet.

It's an odd story that makes me think about feet today, one I'm not telling, but I was thinking about how even some of our closest friends we have probly never touched their feet.
Feet can be very personal.
(I know Nikki is going psycho thinking of someone touching her feet right now!!!)
I'm like a dog gettin it's tummy rubbed when you rub my feet... I'll be your friend forever!
In Bible times it was customary to wash the feet of your guests when they entered your house.

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to teach them humility.
If I could get away with washing my friend's feet, without them thinking I was psycho I mean, I would totally do it! What a great way to get a connection to your friends and make them feel relaxed and special.

This pictures makes my feet ache with desire for a good pedicure!

Reflexology Massage Foot Chart In case you've ever wondered what parts of your body are affected by a good foot massage! Massaging your toes is good for your sinus!
What Blog post about Feet would be complete without a picture of Baby Toes?

Little baby feet are so cute! I love the wrinkles they get in their arches. My niece Jocelyn has THE most adorable baby toes ever!

I love this picture. It's slightly erotic. Pulling off a shoe, then a stocking. Holding her foot in his hand. Running his fingers along the balls of her feet.

My Feet!
My feet and I don't tend to get along.
I have shattered the plates in one foot. Broken my toes more time than I can remember. Had out patient surgery on my toes. lol ButI can wear high heels all day and my nails aren't hard to paint!
Feet Feet Feet. What would we do without them?

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