Middle of the Week Laugh

Laughter is great medicine. For those days when my body is trying to kill me, my child has turned into a monster, and my husband chooses to be at work instead of at home being my bitch (lol) I like to have something on hand to make me laugh!
Which is why I own almost every season of Scrubs. And I have my DVR full of it too.
Last night this episode had me rolling! (Even though I have seen it a million times.)
It has the BOOOBIEEE call, the unanimous Guy Lie, the stealing/racist nanny. and this part:
(Scroll in to 5 minutes 30 seconds and watch until 6 minutes 48 seconds. Unless you want to watch all 7 minutes!)

This is from Season 6 Episode 14 called "My No Good Reason."
What always makes you laugh? Maybe I'll find some room on my DVR!

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