Always Such a Lady Award!

My Third Award!! And I think it's my Favorite!

The Always Such a Lady Award.
I want to thank Trixie @ SnapCracklyPop-Delicious!
I would link back to her but this is the last award she is giving out, as she is canceling her blog.

Rules for this Award are:
1. Write 5 qualities you feel a Lady should possess.
2. Pick 2 Woman you feel are ladies and list 1 reason why.
3. Be a true Lady and link back to the Lady who gave you this.
4. Post this Award on Your profile.
5. Post the reason why you received this award.
Trixie wrote:
I want to give this award to Miss at LifeAsISeeIt, who I feel embodies the old fashioned spirit of a true Lady. She cares about others and goes out of her way to make them feel special. She values her best friend. And her poetry will make you feel as though she has a room in your soul.
Thank you!
No Trixie, Thank you! Your words really mean a lot!

5 Qualities I feel a Lady should Possess:
1. Meaning what you say. Words are powerful things. I believe a true Lady thinks about how she feels before she expresses herself.
2. A true Lady always tries to understand the ins and outs of herself. Her heart and her mind. And is constantly trying to improve herself.
3. A Lady always uses proper grammar and punctuation. NO CHATSPEAK!
4. A Lady always puts others feelings ahead of her own. Especially those of her family.
5. A Lady knows that it's never a bad thing to apologize for something you did. Even if you don't realize you did it.

Now for my 2 Ladies!
1. Moriah Ann @ Josiah's Nest
I adore your blog! And all of the feminine goodies you find for us at etsy! Just being on your blog makes me feel elegant and ladylike...even when I am in my PJ's drinking coffee!
Plus I can't help it...Josiah is SO adorable!!!
2. Nikki @ The Lunatic Cafe
For those of you who have not met my Best Friend, you are truly missing out. Nikki is a SAHM who battles a very difficult illness called OCD. It controls everything she does, and yet she always tries her best to work through it. And even when she feels ashamed she still shares her experiences in hopes that she will be able to encourage someone else or at least make you laugh!
She is a True Lady.

I am gonna break the rules and add a third Lady!
3. J @ Boobies Babies and a Blog
She makes me laugh every day! I love how you can give a sex toy review and yet still be embarrassed by your son opening your...ahem...personal mail! But you always have a very dignified answer! If you are not a "Boobie Chaser" yet you should be!
Hope you all feel as special receiving this as I did!

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