OMG! How is this possible?!

Ever had one of those days where some has wedged themselves so far up your butt  that if they laughed your eyeball might pop out?
Welcome to my day!!!
My Lovely, amazing, brilliant, handsome,
(Trying to say as many nice things as possible to help keep me from flipping out...!)
Has decided that he needs to fill every moment with talking.
I want to scream and rip my hair out.
Why Mommy?
Why did you do that?
Why did you say that?
Why are you sitting there?
Why is it raining?
Why is it sunny?
Why is the dog doing that?
Why am I watching Dora?
Did you see what Dora did?
Oh I said goopy geyser instead of Gooey geyser.
Mommy did you see that?
Did you see what Dora did?
You need to change the show cause I don't like his name.
I need to play my game.
You need to wash my blanky.
Why does that car sound like that?
I'm hungry.
No I don't want to eat that now.
Swing swing swing!
Hey watch me do a cartwheel!
I need that toy!
Mommy you have to yell map!
Mommy you're missing the end of the Barney song!
I think I need to poo.
Mommy why do I need to wash my hands?
Can you get me some juice?
I spilled my juice.
Oh look I'm being a silly tree.

 Ok I literally just sat here for the last 4 minutes and wrote down everything he said. And I know I missed a few!! This is how it's been all wait...this whole week! And I have not been able to leave the house once!!!
I honestly could explode at any moment.
I might invest in some duct tape soon cause this kid is gonna mek me crazy. Just wait till daddy gets home...Cause I am gonna lock myself in the tub and not come out till after the Monster's bed time

So I need to know.... How the FRICK do you mom's handle this?!? Especially those of you who have more than one!?

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