I need you now.

Give me your attention.
I need you now.
Too much distance
to measure it outloud.
Chasing patterns
accross a personal map,
willing myself to find,
the quickest way to you.
We're not at the end
but we've already won.
I'm not used to it.
But I can learn.
There's nothin to it but a secret smile.
Now I've got a feeling,
If I sang this loud enough
you would sing it back to me,.
Think of me from so far away.
I'll beg you sweetly on my knees.
I'll follow you to the begining,
and we'll just relive the start.
All of our favorite parts.
And I would tell you
that I would never trade you in.
Cause I have only wanted this,
And it's not a dream anymore.
It's not a dream anymore.
You love me,
and I'm not dreaming anymore.

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