I Hurt You.

I hurt you.
And still, I had assumed if it ever happened it would make me feel better.
But it didn't.
Not even a little.
It broke me to see the pain on your face.
And knowing I could never take that back.
Like a slap in the face,
What had I become?
To be so cruel, so thoughtless....
To become exactly what I had tried so hard not to be.
Can I hold you now?
Bandage the wounds I inflicted.
How do I help you heal?
I don't even know how I healed myself.
Not an excuse to give up.
All I wanted was for you to love me more,
and show me everyday!
How could we let that slip away?
Again and again and again.
Words wielded like knives, carting away little bits of flesh.
I can see now that love is a garden,
and if you let it go...
then it'll fade away before you know.
Love is a garden.
And ours is starvin.
But still there is hope.

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