Too Soon

Back and forth.
I dig and you pull.
Each day passes and I don't feel any closer to you.

I cut a tie every moment that you don't live up.
Perhaps you don't think that's fair.
You forget that I know what it's like to be hurt.
Maybe more than even you.

Maybe it's just too soon...

Hold on a moment,
allow me please to step around the corner.
That way I can fall for you in private.
You won't have to see it.

Lies are like stones.
They sink in.
Pullin all the air around them.
Till it's too hard to breathe.

I wanna be loved!
I wann be where you are!

I wanna hear you call my name.
Why does that feel like too much to ask?

Maybe it's just too soon...

Am I just the right height?
Have I just the right style?
Do I remind you of something you need with just the right smile?
Am I talking too much?
Too desperate for your touch?
Too shallow or deep?
Are you scared of my plans?

I know I'm not your sketch.
But honestly what'd you expect?
I guess I just dissapoint you, cause I'm not the girl you drew in your head.

I don't want any part of a game I can't win
But you keep pulling me in.
You're so scared of being hurt that you're hurting me first.
But I can't say this to you, cause you'll run the other way.
And leave me to pick up the pieces.

I just want to be where you are.
But you hesitate to show me the way.
And I can't live with the doubts,
big as quarries, I break myself falling in.

Maybe all this time isn't time enough.
People told me love would hurt me but I never
thought it would.
I've learned a lesson.
And the clocks keep moving faster.
Just too soon....

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