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Thank you all for being patient while I took seemingly forever to answer all of your questions. Some were harder than most! But here goes:

1) What is one embarrassing story about yourself that every time you hear it you want to crawl into a hole and hide?
This one is hard. My honest answer is when people who have known me my whole life ask me what my wedding was like. I was the girl who had the perfect wedding planned to a T by the time I was 15. To tell people that I ran off to Vegas and was married in Jeans without friends or family present is really hard. It makes me cringe each and every time.
2) If you could be selfish for one day what would you do?
I would sleep. lol ALL DAY LONG! Then I would go and get a Manicure, pedicure and have my hair washed and blowdryed. Then I would go and spend the whole day in a bookstore buying up books that I need for my collections. And I would do it all without asking permission to spend money!

Anonymous 1
Do you have any information on the New Call of Duty?
lol Um no I do not personally. However it is my husband's favorite game. And I do have a detailed list for Modern Warfare, if you are interested. I, personally, don't really play video games. Unless it's super old school. (Mario, Sonic, Kingdom Hearts...ETC)

1)If you could change one decision you have made in your life, would you? Even if it could change everything?
It would really depend on what decision I was changing. But I would probly say yes. I already know what my life is like now. If I could change something and live my life in a very different way I would think that would be a very fun experience!
2)Would you rather be alone or lonely? DO you think there is a difference?
Yes, first of all, I do know there is a difference. I have been completely lonely in a room full of people. So I would choose being Alone. Being alone is a choice, for me anyways. But being lonely seems to be something that I can't help when it does hit me. And I prefer to be in control whenever possible! lol

1) What is your favorite British word?
Bed Clothes. Basically it means the sheets and blankets on your bed. But I always say I need to "Wash my Bed Clothes."
2)When (If ever) is it ok to lie?
Preferably, when you know you won't get caught! lol
An outright lie I don't think is ever ok. I can think of a few times when it has seemed important to do so. When I was working in a hospital I had a patients family member ask me if the patient had been in pain when she died. I told him she went peacefully in her sleep. The truth was his 9 year old daughter had cried and sobbed for hours until she finally went into cardiac arrest and couldn't be saved. The parents were on their way in but didn't make it in time to say goodbye. All I could do is lie and make them feel better.
I don't think lying is ever ok. But we all do it anyways.

1) What is more difficult for you, looking into some one's eyes when you tell them how you feel or looking into some one's eyes when they tell you how they feel?
Def finitely the second one. I like being able to have that connection with someone, looking them straight in the face and letting them know that what I'm saying I really mean. But it's really hard for me to maintain eye contact when someone is telling me how they feel about me. It kind of embarrasses me to hear it.

2) Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend? Why?
If I am some one's friend, then I am a dam good friend. It's becoming my friend that's the hard part as I tend to be a tad judgemental and suspicious of new people. But I would want to be my friend because I genuinely care about other people, I would do anything to help a friend, I ask great questions, and I am a whiz at making comfort food!

1)What is Beauty to you?
I think Real beauty has many factors. The people that I consider beautiful are people who take care of themselves.(And I am thinking of personal Hygiene here!) But also people who know how to care for their emotional state, because that radiates an inner beauty. People who know it's ok to cry. People who are comfortable not just giving you a hug but also kissing your cheek or forehead. People who love to express themselves but who don't need to show it off. People who eat healthy and also know how to eat naughty, and enjoy both. Someone who doesn't follow the crowd.
Really someone who is so beautiful on the inside that it makes their outside glow.
2) What is your sense of style?
I don't have one.
There are certain things that I will pull from what's "In now" But then I pair them with what I like, what I feel comfortable in. I love jeans and my Skechers. But I also love to walk the beach in a skirt.
I might look cute one day and ready to get dirty the next.
My sense of style depends on the day and my moods!

Anonymous 2
Do you believe in God?
Yes. I do. I believe that God's name is Jehovah and that he is the author of the Bible. I believe in his son Jesus and the ransom Sacrifice. I also believe that the Bible is relevant for our day.

Where did you grow up and do you have any siblings?
I was born in Vallejo, Ca. But lived in Woodland, Ca. When I was 12 my family moved to Oklahoma and a year later to Arkansas. When I turned 17 I moved back to Woodland, Ca.
I have three siblings. One sister who is 22. A brother who is 21 and a half brother who is 16.

What is your worst habit?
Oh get overwhelmed easily.

What is your saddest memory?
Currently it's a story I half told early in answer to another question. I'll tell the whole story now.
When I was 16 I was working in the ER St. Mary's Hospital in Rogers Ar. as a CNA. One night two men brought in a 9 year old little girl who was bleeding and unconscious. One of the nurses recognized her as a girl who had been kidnapped 4 days earlier from Northern Missouri. She had been brutally raped, at one point with what was later identified as a broken broom handle, to the point where her some of her internal organs were bleeding out. There was nothing anyone ccould do to help her. It was my job to hold her and be with her until her parents could get there. She died 4 hours after I first started holding her. She had been in a lot of pain, and she didn't get to see her parents before she died.
The two men who brought her in were arrested right away. They had come in drunk and high on Meth. And it was later found out that they were the ones who had taken her and abused her. It was a hate crime. They were white. She was black.
Her name was Paulette. And it has taken me almost 9 years to tell that story without crying.

What would you like to do as a career?
Well My first response is Author or Singer. But I would really love to be a therapist. I think I would do really well helping families or children who have suffered from abuse.

Anonymous 3
Why did you start blogging?
My best friend Nikki actually got me started. I have always wrote. I have tons and tons of books that I have filled up with things that I have written. She has been blogging for years and thought that the two of us should do it together since we both are SAHM's and we both suffer from some depression for one reason or another.
I wasn't sure I was going to like it but surprisingly not only do I enjoy it immensly but I have found that it has unleashed a flood of poetry from my fingertips.

Thanks everyone for your questions! Some of you really know how to make me think!

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