Blaming my mother for Global Warming.

So the other day I was carrying on a conversation with myself. Yes I do that and so do you stop lying. This time I was thinking about my mom. Working through my feelings about her is an ongoing past time of mine.
Do I hate my mother? No. That's too easy. In all fairness I have to think that whatever decisions she made were probly done with the best intentions.
That being said I distinctly remember saying to myself (not outloud cause that's just crazy) That if I so choose I could find a way to blame my mother for global warming. BUT I am better than that.
APPARENTLY though... not everyone is!
First and foremost I am not going to discuss the gas issue. My motto is what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom.
But seriously... You aren't smart enough to go and Google Global Warming? You have to write to someone and ask them if your personal habits are aiding?
And what daughter ACTUALLY tells their mother it's their fault?
If my mom burnt dinner and she was the only one home it wasn't ever her fault! And I would never blame her for it cause I know that I would get my ass beat.
Seriously I don't know who I want to smack more, the smart mouthed daughter, or the mother who should spend less time being gassy and more time smacking her smart mouthed daughter.

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