Health Update

I just want to thank all of you who email me privately asking about my health! You have no idea how encouraging it is for me.
Ok So good news frst. I have lost ten more pounds. YAY ME! Which is great cause I have not been on the Metformin in about 2 months.
I have also been off the Welbutrin since Novemeber and have been just fine. Which is a major relief.
My ovaries still give me a lot of pain. Which my doctor can't explain and worries him about how the cancer cells are spreading. Being on the Mirena means that my ovaries should stop functioning...but apparently they don't want to do as they are told. As a matter of fact I have some cysts right now that are hurting like crazy. This last week I have had a few a day. Which of course has made my other sympoms act up.
Like on Wednesday mornind I woke up to one of the discs in my back slipping out of place. SO I spent the last 2 days in bed. And also because my ovaries are so swollen it's been hurting my ulcers. It actually woke me up at 2:30 am last night. I took a pain pill and chewed some gum and just waited for the intense pain and sweats to stop. Seth almost took me to the ER (AGAIN) so that outa show just how bad it was. And my insomnia is back.
All in all everything is really about the same.
I am just trying to live as normally as possible, and work things around my symptoms.
Next month I will have a new doctor, YES, and that will mean new tests and new meds and maybe (Fingers crossed) surgery. I am wondering if I will have to have surgery for this disc that keeps slipping out. Oh well! Right now I am just concentrating on my hormone stuff.
Well that's my update. Thanks again for all the emails friends. You can't know how encouraging they are to me!

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