Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Wednesday

Sleepy today! Really irritated that i cant answer my to the few who have emailed me that also read my blog ill answer you here.
Nikker-doodles my love! Your news is awesome!I cant get it out of my head. can you get the name of the facility? i might have worked there before through a medical staffer. but its awesome to know i could do that kind of work again.

To my other someone special...
my DSi is a gameboy (basically) from nintendo. but it's also a wireless web browser and camera.
im dying to know what your "masterpiece" is!! Im pissed that i cant download it. i love getting your emails...please dont stop.

as for everything else...i got up at 6 for work. went to palo alto to service a system but they need their tanks replaced so i have to reset the bid and do it another day. then went to pleasanton to take care of some extinguishers at a home depot. tonight at ten i have to service a boston market back in palo alto.
then tomorrow ill be workin in frisco all day (yay) If we do 3 jobs tomorrow and 3 friday we'll be caught up. and i just found out ill be workin monday from 10pm to 7am puttin in a new system. ugh.
workin with seth is not fun. its dirty, i brake my nails (pssh...yes i said it. my nails dammit!) and we bicker. but it's good cause when it comes time to buy my airfare or a new phone i can remind him that i earned it.
yes nik...i realise thats gay but thats seth. im just glad to know the rules now.
im gonna hop in the shower and relax before work tonight. MWAH!!