Tiny Bubbles

One night I had a dream.
We were there but I couldn't see.
You came to me so filled with light,
and gently grazed my face.
My eyes became full and heavy and
I knew it was you with me.
And I didn't feel so alone.

I gazed at my palm,
where a heart lay within.
It was where the bubble landed,
and then you were gone.

I think it was a kiss you left me,
Yes I'm sure it was a kiss,
from your own sweet lips.
And then the words came...

"I'm taking chances.
With sidelong glances.
At this delicate thing,
A soap-bubble dream.
Can't catch its eye,
For it's too shy.
So I leave it alone,
and hope it'll grow.
Hope it'll stay,
and won't run away.
I grab for its hand,
But it slips like sand.
And my happiness gleams.
A soap-bubble dream."

Tiny bubbles now make me smile.
They fill my soul and my eyes alight.
I hear the song and I know
that we are now where we belong.

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