Happy in your arms.

It is so strange to wake up and be happy just to be.
It is so unusual to smile out loud over a thought's of nothing.
It is so hard to act as though nothing new is lighting up my life.
So hard to pretend that I'm not madly falling for you.

It is so crazy to believe that some one might just be right for me.
That I may be able to enjoy a boundless happiness.
To think only of you. Enough to feel you here.
To want to make you smile at every sentence I write.
To want to steal the world and wrap it around us.

If you asked for it I would do my best to get it.
If you demanded my action,
I would do my best to perform and I wouldn't forget a line.
I would die at a word or live for eternity for you and
I would still wear a smile in my eyes.

I could live to see you happy.
To see you safe from harm.
And I would be happy too,
If I had you here in my arms.

It feels so strange to feel so elated!
To be in such agonizing ecstasy.
I feel so happy.
But I’d be happier to hold you in my arms.

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