Imagine This

Imagine This:
I blink and I'm counting the minutes until the plane leaves.
The air is thicker than my mind with expectations.
My suit case is nearly empty but my heart is full of emotion
ready to spill all over the floor.
I want to know what I should be taking away from this!
I want to know if I can make your heart beat from a few
states away.
I want to be a cataclysm so I'll stick in your memory.

Imagine This:
It's 4 months till the day and December never was my
favorite month. I can't feel my toes.
My head is heavy. Too heavy to lift.
I blink too much and my eyes get blurry.
My thoughts are frozen to the touch but I feel if I could manage to
thaw out I could re-arrange everything to make sense, and maybe
you could understand what you mean to me.
But right now I've got you frozen to where you stand and I feel
like I'm destroying a good thing from 2000 miles away.

Imagine This:
The kitchen faucet is dripping and it's raining out an ocean of misery.
Your bedroom door is shut to keep everyone out,
but it doesn't mean you're not seeing me.
And where I stand I am counting the books on my shelf,
trying to figure out which story I'd like best to get lost into.
And I'm sinking my thoughts into pages of something that sounds
a little sweeter since I am so sick of worrying whether or not
all of this will turn out all right.
Tonight I just wanna be outside your door begging you to write
a different story with me.

Imagine This:
I'll be your train wreck if you think you could remember me.
Imagine This:
I'll be your sunshine that'll melt all this away if you think you could keep me.
Imagine This:
I'll be your happy ending if you want me to be.

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