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Recently all I can think of is finding home. I need to get out of Rancho. Out of the city. I feel like I'm strangling here without some sort of outdoors. I haven't been camping or away from civilization in over a year and it's really making me miserable.
I'm so used to living in pretty places. Where you can walk from your home a few miles and be lost in the earth. I need that.This is Cache Creek. It's in the Capay Valley here in California. My parents owned a house right next to it and I spent most of my childhood playing here.
This is the Rumsey bridge. Right next to my old house. Cach creek runs under it. I remember taking walks across here with my mom and my dad, and even my cousins John and David. We used to see Mt Lions drinking from the creek, and cat fish swimming. My Uncle Lee used to float down the river almost every day and bring home cat fish for dinner.

This picture...well this just instantly makes me feel at home. This is pretty much what the whole Capay Valley looks like. When we moved from Cali to OK this is what I missed most. The green hills all around me ever day. I always felt like I was being hugged by them. I have driven past them, and hiked over them, and rode horses over them, and even quads....most of my childhood.
I don't have the pictures anymore from our home in Big Cabin Oklahoma, but our house was in the middle of nowhere. And I loved it. We had horses and ponds and acres of nothing to let our imaginations run wild in.
When we moved from Oklahoma to Siloam Springs, Arkansas I fell in love with the little historic town instantly.
Downtown Siloam is full of historic old buildings. As well as Sager creek that runs through it and all the way down to the duck crossing next to the library. It's such a beautiful place with SO much history. I miss it the most.
Rio Vista California...or as I call the Delta...The Islands.
Isleton Bridge.Sandy BeachRio Vista facing HWY 12.
Rio and the islands is a great spot. Tiny little towns. Touristy. But everyone knows everyone. And tons of little hideaway spots. Plus the fresh Delta breeze!!! I lived here longer than anywhere. 6 years.
And then my last home Redding.
Natural Falls.
Whiskey town lake. About 7 miles from my home in Redding.Burney Falls. 45 minutes from Redding. Sacramento River, running through Redding. With Mt. Shasta in the background.Redding was a wonderful area. Trees, forests, lakes...and all conveniently located next to shopping. haha.

So then where is my home now?
Home isn't where you are. It's how you feel when you are there. I don't need a big home...I just want to feel at home when I am there. I want to feel peaceful and safe and inspired. I want it to be mine.
A good friend of mine once said that you can transplant a thriving plant, but it may not grow in the new pot.

So that's what I want. My own pot. Where I can stretch my roots deep and bloom.

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