Good God How Perverted Are we???

Conversation between Nikki and Myself:

MissCrystal Nelson: Ok now honestly, go here,
MissCrystal Nelson:

MissCrystal Nelson: doesn't that look like something else to you?
smyles00: omg thats so funny
smyles00: i see pune
smyles00: or poon however its spelled
MissCrystal Nelson: LMAO!!!
MissCrystal Nelson: Ask Bo
smyles00: haha ok
smyles00: hahaha i sent it and said what does this look like to you and he says a waterfall
MissCrystal Nelson: LMAO!!!
MissCrystal Nelson: ask him if it looks like a very feminine waterfall
smyles00: i asked him if thats all he sees and he said yeah so i said look at all the contours and shapes
smyles00: haha and he says now i see a waterfall
MissCrystal Nelson: lol
MissCrystal Nelson: Tell him his head needs to spend more time between your legs.
smyles00: OMG i'm about to pee lol lol
Bo: give me a hint?
Nikki: i have one
you don't
Bo: i tried to make it out to be something dirty but I can't make that leap... its a frickin waterfall
MissCrystal Nelson: HAHAHAHA!!!
MissCrystal Nelson: omg I'm Fing crying
smyles00: me too
smyles00: Bo: then you two need help... i am a dirty minded perverted male... and I think that is a stretch... clearly you have never looked in the mirror
smyles00: hahaha
MissCrystal Nelson: Oh lord! Guess it's just us then
MissCrystal Nelson: Oh my tummy hurts
smyles00: lol my head hurts
MissCrystal Nelson: oh gosh I can't stop laughing
smyles00: Bo: i'm afriad for you... that would be like me looking at a magic marker and saying... oh that looks exactly like an erect penis...
smyles00: me either and he keeps it up
MissCrystal Nelson: HAHAHA!!
MissCrystal Nelson: Oh This needs to go on the blog
smyles00: you want to do it?
smyles00: knock yourself out
MissCrystal Nelson: LMAO!!!
smyles00: roflmao, its just us then but god thats funny
i'd be laughing harder if my head wasn't hurting i wasn't dizzy
Bo: ... see normally i'd be right there with you... i mean really?
MissCrystal Nelson: haha
MissCrystal Nelson: He looked at it??? And really didn't see it!?!
smyles00: really didn't see it
smyles00: although i think he may be sending that photo to the guys to see if they see it
MissCrystal Nelson: Now I wanna know what they say
MissCrystal Nelson: lol Maybe Bo is mentally blocking sex since he got rejected last night?
smyles00: Bo: ok... it is official... you ladies have lost your f'ing minds... i just showed the picture to two of the most perverted men i know (Todd and Andy)... they stared for several minutes and finally started making up stuff like "i can kind of see a ghost maybe", "Is this supposed be like jesus hidden in a picture or something", etc... not one person made any mention to the female anatomy and that is saying something
MissCrystal Nelson: OH NO!!!! Nikki we are worse than MEN!!!
MissCrystal Nelson: I BLAME YOU!
smyles00: no no think about it, men are visual right? but only if its right in front of them with lights and signs
MissCrystal Nelson: I am only this perverted cause of YOU!
smyles00: thank you thank you
MissCrystal Nelson: lol!!! So if we showed it to them and said "Can you spot the vajayjay" They would get it right away???
smyles00: if it was an actual picture of one yes
MissCrystal Nelson: ok ok ok....God I can't stop laughing....ok I'm gonna post this on the blog....then you send it to Bo.

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