Ok so I am trying to plan a trip to OK/AR/MO to go and visit friends and family and it's startin to frustrate me. I thought about driving...but my car still isn't running AND it would cost around 800 bucks in gas both ways. I could fly in to Kansas City and see a really great friend and maybe my grandparents, but I can't use my car at my grandparents to see Nikki because 1) it's got something wrong with it 2) They are driving it since their car has something wrong with it. And i could fly in to Tulsa and Bo and Nik could pick me up but then I wouldn't get to see anyone else.
I'm kinda thinkin I might take the Bus. I can take the bus from Sac to Tulsa spend a week or so with Nik and have my grandparents come to me. And then either take the bus from Tulsa to KC or Go to my grandparents home and see if my friend will come there to get me and then take the bus from KC to Sac.
I dunno. I am going. Going for sure! And I'm hoping it will be as soon as next month!!!

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