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So last night I had to run out to the Post office. I threw on a hoodie and grabbed some jeans out of a drawer and ran out. When I came home and was kickin my shoes off I noticed the bottom of my jeans didn't look familiar.....As a matter of fact...I didn't recognize the jeans at all.
lol They were a pair that I had bought a few years ago but I hadn't worn since. The great thing about it is that....They are two sizes smaller than the jeans I wear every day!! YAY! I knew my other jeans were too big but I didn't realize that much. So I am very happy. My hard work is FINALLY starting to pay off.

Other than that I am in a weird mood. I found a ton of pictures and letters from a girlfriend who was my best friend for a long time. We haven't spoken much in the last few years, but recently I have been thinking about her a lot. I found out that she lied to me about something that was really important to me. It's not really worth talking to her about now, but still I think things would have been different for me if she hadn't.

Earlier today too I found a list. One that I wrote February/10/2002 It has 41 things on it that I planned on doing in my life. I'm gonna list the ones that make some sense. lol
1. Go to Africa and Canoe the Nile.
6. Fall in love with someone who loves me.
9. Go to Prince Edward Island.
10. Read a whole library.
13. Watch a butterfly being born.
14. Share the most amazing moment of my life with someone that I love.
16. Find a place to call home.
17. See a real Van Goh.
18. Write a book.
19. Compose a song for my voice.
26. Have my own garden.
28. Leave an impression on someone.
29. Read hieroglyphs.
35. Talk face to face with my real dad.
39. Leave my mother with her loneliness, and be happy for myself!

I have done two of these!!!! (the last two) Ugh. There is so much still that I really want to do.
Hmmmm Guess I need to figure out how to make that happen! ;-)

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