More. More. More.

Ok so this is the end of my second-ish day on the bupropion. Well, I took one yesterday and one whatever that means. Anywho yesterday I felt only slightly out of it. Which is ok. Usually I feel really out of it even if I slept ok the night before. The only thing notable about yesterday was that I had a few slight dizzy spells.
Today i have had spurts of energy randomly. Not enough to make me feel invinceable or even that I can keep up with my three year old. But I didn't feel like goig back to bed all day long either. I did get into a fight with Seth which has not happened in about a year. And I do have a slight rash under my arm. Not sure if that is related or not...could be due to a lot of chlorine. We shall see. I have also had a headache for a few hours, but that could still be due to a lot of chlorine and sun.
More from me later, as i report on my life on anti-depressants.

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