This is Me.

I will probably be a searcher until I die and I wish death itself would only be another adventure. To live any other way seems impossible. If anything has changed me over the years, and it has, I only feel more confident now about the decisions I made then. I am far more aware of the power that guides each of us along the way, and provides us with the insights and people we need for our journey. There are, indeed, men and women too gentle to live among wolves and only when joined with them will life offer the searcher, step by step, all that is good and beautiful. Life becomes not a confused struggle or pointless pain, but an evolving mosaic masterpiece of the person we should become.

Things About me You May or May not Have Known:
I am pretty much always Bright and Cheery!

I was once jail bait.

I am a wife. June/21/2003

I was pregnant.

And I became a mother on October/17/2005
My Son is Caden
I am a cat person without a cat. Instead I own a dog, named Taicie, who thinks she is a cat.

I have a pretty good sense of humor!

Driving relaxes me.

I have traveled out of the country, and lived in different states.

If I look Deep and Brooding stay away.

My friends are my Family.

I only look sweet and innocent in photographs. And then only sometimes!

I love the water! And I am mouthy.

I'll make a fool out of myself to make someone laugh!

In the end I'm just me.
And I'm pretty much indescribable!