Sunshine after Rain

He said he was scared of commitment. 
But he had tattoos all over his skin. 
I guess he didn't see me as a work of art. 
Or maybe he didn't think the pain was worth it.
He said he could see a future with me, because I had a good heart.
He called me beautiful and kissed me on the forehead. 
That's when the butterflies started.
He said he wanted to build a life with me, but you don't rush a good thing.
There was no better, more beautiful, pain in the ass, that made me see the regretted actions of being a lush.
He was the best, contrarily the worst.
Prayed before he ate, a blessing, but a curse.
Smile so devilish, warm at the same time.
Invited me into his heart, then fled the scene like the one behind the gun from a cold case crime.
He was beauty and he was beast.
He was never truth just deceit.
He was victory, he was defeat.
Love or lust I'll never know.
I was the perfect blend of joy and pain.
He sucked the pleasure from my bones.
And left when I was depleted.
He didn't see a life together as beautiful as I did.
I'm ready to be the sunshine, after all the rain.

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