What do you know about breaking down that I don't?

"Do you want to run away together?"
I would say that was your best line ever.
Too bad I fell for it.
The radio's playin old country songs.
Someone's leavin. Someone's cheatin.
On and on.
I think I might like
the quiet nights of this empty life.
Someday maybe
Somebody will love me like I need.
And someday I'll have nothing to prove
cause somebody will see all my worth.
But until then I'll do just fine on my own.
I think that maybe the thing that I did wrong
was put up with this bullshit for way too long.
I'm not gonna sleep cause I don't want to dream
about the things that I used to need.
I'm not gonna go on living on lies.
I think I might just cry.
I've been wrong but
I've been changing.
And I have been wondering what to do.
Here I am alone and waiting for you.
You don't make this easy you know?
Tryin to tell you what's on my mind.
It's a complicated web,
that you weave inside my head.
Not enough pleasure for all the pain.
It's always just the same.
It's been awhile since I begged for anything.
But now I want more.
So lay me down, cause I'm so lonely.
You don't understand me,
and you never really tried to anyways.
You say that you don't want to hurt me,
That you don't want to see me cry.
So then, why are you still standing here
watching me drown?
You not making up your mind
Is not only killing me but it's
wasting time.
And I need so much more than that.
Do you ever really give up?
Cause I know not to believe anything you say.
And I guess it's just my luck
cause no one else I know gets treated this way.
But I never speak up.
I just try to stay out of the way.
And I wanna know what makes you act like this?
Cause I don't think I can take this shit.
And I walked all this way
waiting for you to catch up and take my hand.
But you just write me off.
Do you know that I cry over you?
But it's not the good kind.
And I am so tired of hiding behind these lying eyes.
And I am so sick of this smile that not even I can
And I keep thinking...
What do you know, at this point, about breaking down that I don't?

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