How could we have known.

Who knew?
Second chances happen.
Who knew?
It could be you.
Who knew?
My heart could race so fast.
Who knew?
It would be your smile.
Who knew?
Once again I'd be pining for you from far away.
Who knew?
All of a sudden I'm fifteen and I'm wishing you'll hold my hand and kiss me under the stars.
Who could have even guessed life would make such a circle?
My hands shake.
My heart races.
My cheeks flush.
My head doesn't know if it should run to or away from you.Who knew?

Lost in my day dreams.
I shudder, and my mind clears.

But my longing for you returns so swiftly.
Your lips on my skin.
So soft and wet.
A feeling that resonates in my mind and shatters my self-control.
Emotions rise to the surface and move me to action.
I need to see you now.

Feel your body do things to mine that
I can't express in words.
Oh just fill me up!
I'm a flame.
But with you I'm burning brighter, hotter.
Stand so close and burn with me.

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