Update on School!

So I know you have all been wondering how I am doing with school!!! It has been so much fun.
I have found some great girls in class to sit with and get help from and talk in general too!
My teachers are AMAZING!!!
Dr. G. is a cute and spunky little thing. I just adore her, and her stories, she has us all dying laughing during her lectures.... except for chemistry anyways!!!
Ya.... Which one of you lovers wants to come and do this homework for me?
Por favor?
I'd accept tutoring too!!
Then my other teacher, I will call her Ms. L.
She is a very strong woman.
She will tell you what her oppinion is on a particular breed or animal, but then she tells you if you feel different then great. That's just her thoughts.
Which is awesome, because then you feel at ease with how you feel on a subject.
I have learned a lot from both of these woman. And I am so excited for the rest of my 22 months!!

I found the most adorable lunch box and to go cup for school!!
Yes of course it's pink! DUH!
I love how it has a little slot for it's blue ice to fit into.
And it has a little pink handle on top!!
Caden and I ready for school one morning!
He asks me every day how my school went and what animals I worked with.
He thinks it's pretty neat that him and mommy are both in school!

I knew that Vet Tech was in demand, but I didn't realize that it was the 5th fastest growing occupation in California right now. Makes me feel more confident about my choice!

I am SWAMPED with school work! 
I get to school around ten am and I study till 11 which is one class starts. We get out around 2 and I go home. For every hour that I am in school per day, I have at least one hour of homework when I get home. So that's already 6 hours. Then I have my GE classes online when I get home, which I do at least 3 days a week. And I have homework to do for that class as well. Soon I will be starting my clinicals, which is another 4 hours a week! So if you don't hear from me much...That's why!
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