Some good was still done...But I'm Sorry's still must be said.

So, as I stated earlier, there was a call issued for help here in the blogosphere.

That call has now been canceled.
For reasons that are not mine to disclose.
All I can say is that some information given out may not have been correct.
I think we should focus on the good side of this situation though.
Gucci Mama put out a call for help. And we responded.
That's an amazing thing!
Gucci put her heart and name on the line in asking for donations for a friend, no easy task. And everyone did what they could to help out.
That's a wonderful example for how bloggers band together!
If Gucci ever asks me for help again, myself and my blog will be there to support her. I think she is a dam fine blogger, a wonderful friend, and one gorgeous woman!
I hope you all understand that when it comes to helping out a friend in need mistakes can be made.
I don't have any of the answers and I will not be giving out any sort of personal info on this matter.
But I would like to personally thank each and every blogger who donated money, time in writing up a post, and the effort of putting together a give-away.
You are the kind of people I am happy to know.

To anyone who feels as though I personally mislead you, then this is my sincere apology.

I'm Very Sorry.

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