Parental Lesson.

Once again I am griping about my apartment building.
If you don't want to hear about it then feel free to click off.
Today I am griping about the parents in my area.
The last few days when Caden and I walk home from school we walk past the first building.

As you can see from this map, the first building^^^^^ Is the one with the red dot.
We live in the back in the yellow dot.
Whenever we pass by the first building a little boy, who I think is 4 walks with us. I always tell him to go back home but he never listens.
Yesterday he actually spoke to me. He wanted Caden to come play at his building. I said no. I have never even been in the first building but it has a bad reputation so we steer clear. I told the little boy that I didn't feel like watching Caden outside that day. He said Caden was old enough that he didn't need to be watched. I said I didn't agree. I told him he needed to go home  because his mom would be looking for him. He said that she told him he needed to walk all over to get to know where he was at.
Ok now this isn't some desert in Mexico! This is the middle of North East Sacramento, California!
Seriously....Do you see on the map how far this little kid walks to get to my place? I didn't even realize until this week that he lived in the first building! He is always over here so I thought he lived over here.
He even has to walk through parking lots and car gates to get to my house. PLUS...That black dot catty-corner to me is a Registered Sex Offender!
It makes me sick!!!
These people do not care for their children at all!
Tonight as I was getting dinner started I heard a scream out front. I went out to the porch to see what was going on. Two children had fallen out of the big trees in our front yard area. They were both WAY to young to be playing un supervised, of course. And they weren't from our building so no one knew where they lived. They were both crying for their parents, so a man from my building ran to the other building to see if he could find someone.
My neighbor has called Social Services before. But the families of these children are not legal. SO...When SS comes they bring INS. And since our apt manager is Spanish as well, she will call them and make sure they are not around. They will even move them into another apt.
It's so sad. And it makes me so mad too.
But I honestly don't know what to do. Any time you try to speak to them they tell you they can't speak English.
We have problems all the time with kids stealing Caden's toys too. And no one disciplines these kids either!!
In fact the other day a bunch of the kids were throwing rocks and Caden was doing it to, which he knows he is not supposed to do. So I called him in and spanked his hand and one of the mother's got onto me for it. She said that they don't spank their boys. Boys should be allowed to do what they want to do.
I honestly wanted to slap the woman. What sort of sick behavior is that?
The last two years we have lived around a lot of illegal immigrants. And we have seen things we couldn't believe. They don't spank their boys, but they will beat their girls. At family get to gethers they will allow their daughters to dress like adults, and then do nothing when their daughter gets molested by a family member.  They have no problem letting their children stay up till 3 or 4 am all week long. And some of them only potty train because the school won't let them in otherwise.
The whole situation makes me crazy!!!

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