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She answered questions about herself...Now I will answer the questions she wrote and then I will give you all some questions to answer too!
Just when you thought I couldn't answer any more questions about myself!!

1. Do you judge people based on how they look?
I think we all do to some extent. If I am walking down the road and a scraggly lookin man, who is unshaved and smells is walking towards me I will assume he is homeless. I will grab my son's hand but I will smile at the man as we pass.
Just because I judge doesn't mean I'll be rude.

2. Do you cry easily?
Le Sigh. Very very very easy.

3. When is the last time you shed tears?
Last night.

4. If you could have a do-over in life--tell me something you'd do different.
I would have listened to my Father in Law when he told me not to be friend's with someone.

5. What's one thing your significant other would change about you if he/she could? If you are single-what would you change about yourself?
He would probly change everything.

6. Why did your last relationship end?
Wow that's like 8 years ago...Because he felt it was too much effort to have a girlfriend that he couldn't have sex with.

7.Tell me three t.v. shows you can't live without!
The Closer. Rookie Blue. Law and Order SVU.
(What!! I have a thing for cops!!!)

8. How many times have you been offended reading someone's blog? Why?
I think only once. It was a blog where they claimed to rate other people's blogs but all they did was tear someone down. That kind of stuff is irritating to me. If I don't like someone's blog I don't take it personal

Now for my questions!!!
1. How do you think other's view you?
2. What's your favorite body part?
3. If you could change your name would you? To what?
4. What's your favorite technology? (IE Cell phone, Microwave...)
5. Pedicure or manicure?
6. If you could only shop at one store the rest of your life what would it be?
7. Tell me what your dream house would look like!

Now go and write a post and tell me in the comments that you did it!!

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