Miss Oops Product Review and Giveaway.

Miss Oops manufactures and markets a variety of beauty-saving, problem-solving products for women. The Miss Oops brand comprises of several patent-pending products, including a dry sponge that removes deodorant marks and a medical-grade adhesive that prevents pregnant women’s navels from showing through their garments. The mission of Miss Oops is to provide affordable solution-oriented products for all types of beauty dilemmas and avoidable fashion faux pas for women everywhere.

Miss Oops sent me two different products to try out

Jaks is an absolute must for women who are not willing to give up their low-rise jeans and partake in “mom jeans.” Jaks is worn over jeans and under tops—much like a shirt extender. It appears to be a lace camisole layered underneath your shirt- but actually, Jaks is the latest fashion weapon used to cover up butt-crack and muffin tops. Bend over and sit down ladies – Jaks has you covered!.

Sold Individually. Available in black, white, or beige. S/M and M/L.
Fabric content: 90% nylon, 10% lycra
My Thoughts:
This is a great product...If you don't have much of a waste or butt.
I have hips and a B.U.T.T. and Jaks did not want to go over my pants very prettily.
When it finally did, I didn't want to squat or bend at all, it wouldn't have been pretty.
While I think this is a great product, I wish that it fit better for woman whom I think would
benefit from it most. Those of us with a fuller figure!

Forget the falsies - Get the real deal and achieve your longer lashes yet with Miss Oops. Ridculously Long Lashes promotes longer, healthier lashes in just four to six weeks.
No lashes? No problem - Miss Oops!
Why it works:
Hexapeptide 11 – shown to stimulate hair growth (need to include conditioning components)
How to Use:
Apply morning and night to the base of freshly cleaned lashes. Allow to dry before applying mascara. Results seen in 4 to 6 weeks.
My Thoughts:
Ridiculously Long Lashes is Miss Oops product for fall!
The first thing I have to say about this product is that I love the scent! The second thing is that I love how soft the brush is on my lids. So far I have been using this product for 2 weeks and I have noticed some thickness!! Pretty cool! This little beauty is a wonderful addition!
I am so thankful to Miss Oops for allowing me to test these products for them!
I think Miss Oops is a great company, and I will be purchasing some of their other products in the near future.

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