I'M HOME!!!!!

Written earlier while flying-
The earth really does look like a patchwork quilt. I am currently flying above Colorado and I'm thinking about how small I feel right now. Flying over houses and farms. Someone's shop, animals, children, they are all below me. And here I sit, full of my own self worth. While billions of people below me have no idea that I exist. Or that I am thinking of them. Wondering who they are, what their lives are like.
I am an hour and a half from Nikki and Bo and my precious nephew  and niece. I can't believe this day has finally arrived. So many things I want to do. By the time you all read this I will have gotten through the initial shock, joy, tears and happiness. But I know as I post this I will stop and look at Nikki, and make sure I am not dreaming.
She will talk my ear off about how her house is not in order for me, and I will tell her to can it, cause in all honestly who gives a crap about her house when I am with her?

As  I am writing this i am talking to Bo and looking at Nik and feeling like I am in a dream. I have been thinking of sitting here and talking with them for so long that it's hard to believe that it's FINALLY, actually happening!!

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