Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am an idealist.
1.a person who cherishes or pursues high or noble principles, purposes, goals, etc.
2.a visionary or impractical person.
3.a person who represents things as they might or should be rather than as they are.
4.a writer or artist who treats subjects imaginatively.
Surprised? No of course not.
I had a friend tell me today that they are a Realist. Seeing the world for what it is. They are much braver than I am.
I don't think I see the world for what it is though. But how I wish it would be.

1. One whose conduct is influenced by ideals that often conflict with practical considerations.

2. One who is unrealistic and impractical; a visionary.
3. An artist or writer whose work is imbued with idealism.

I live for my imagination. It's what helps me get through the day. And then of course, when my emotions overwhelm me, and my tender heart bleeds, I turn to a book to provide the imagination for me.


Christopher said...

Idealism rocks. I don't find much point to life if you don't believe in a better world. That's where I get my inspiration. The key is to be practical about how you can get there or it can lead to some devastating heartbreak.

Kristina Lynn Hudson said...

This is beautifully stated... And I love the pictures. I am also an idealist, to the extreme sometimes. I even treat people I don't really know imaginitively if that makes sense. I want so much to be a realist though. I feel like being an idealist holds me back and makes me afraid because I imagine things, people, life, etc. to be so much bigger and intimidating than they really are. I hate living in my head so much, imagining all these things instead of going out and doing them.