Books are my hot hot sex!

Owning over 700 books doesn't mean you always have something to read.
No one understand how I read so fast. Practice I say. The more I do something the better I get. If there was such a thing as being a professional reader I would pwn that job!!!
I get asked a lot what my favorite book is. I actually don't have one. I have favorite authors. Phillippa Gregory, Wilbur Smith, Clive Cussler, Rosalind Miles, Christopher Paolini, Robin Hobb, Phillip Pullman, Tamora Pierce....the list is endless.
I have been told to get rid of some of my books. Nope. Each book I have is a part of me. Some safe haven to venture into when the real world is too much. Every single one of my books has been readt AT LEAST over 4 times. They are like my children.
And when I read a book I don't like I would never ever throw it away. Someone took the time to write it. I will respect it whether it's my views or not.
My Grandmother taught me how to read when I was 3. And ever since I have been addicted. I have even had a book change my life. I have met some of my favorite authors, and those would be some of my favorite memories.
As you can see my book shelf is full. Those books are stacked 3 deep in some places. And I have boxes still to unpack that are full of my books.

I have an Amazon Wishlist set up so I remember what books I want next.
And I have a GoodReads profile so I can rate what I have read and compare books with my friends.
Books keep me sane. More so than singing, but sometimes less than writing.
What are your favorite books? Authors? Book sites?

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