Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Books are my hot hot sex!

Owning over 700 books doesn't mean you always have something to read.
No one understand how I read so fast. Practice I say. The more I do something the better I get. If there was such a thing as being a professional reader I would pwn that job!!!
I get asked a lot what my favorite book is. I actually don't have one. I have favorite authors. Phillippa Gregory, Wilbur Smith, Clive Cussler, Rosalind Miles, Christopher Paolini, Robin Hobb, Phillip Pullman, Tamora Pierce....the list is endless.
I have been told to get rid of some of my books. Nope. Each book I have is a part of me. Some safe haven to venture into when the real world is too much. Every single one of my books has been readt AT LEAST over 4 times. They are like my children.
And when I read a book I don't like I would never ever throw it away. Someone took the time to write it. I will respect it whether it's my views or not.
My Grandmother taught me how to read when I was 3. And ever since I have been addicted. I have even had a book change my life. I have met some of my favorite authors, and those would be some of my favorite memories.
As you can see my book shelf is full. Those books are stacked 3 deep in some places. And I have boxes still to unpack that are full of my books.

I have an Amazon Wishlist set up so I remember what books I want next.
And I have a GoodReads profile so I can rate what I have read and compare books with my friends.
Books keep me sane. More so than singing, but sometimes less than writing.
What are your favorite books? Authors? Book sites?


Christopher said...

That's why I shop in used book stores. If you get a brand new book that you've coveted for a long time then it becomes so special. Like it's your first girlfriend or something. You don't just toss your first girlfriend to the side without feeling terrible about it. She was so new and innocent! You're not a monster, after all.

Now, you get that nice used book from the corner that's been around the block. Well, you get her at a good deal. Yea, you paid for it but you know she was someone else's first. It's not as bad to toss her back to that same corner (book store) and let someone else have her.

I really can't make any comments without sounding like a pervert. My apologies.

Kristina Lynn Hudson said...

I love makes me happy when people love reading so much for some reason. I love books as well. I worked in a library for 4 years, and I worked with the brand new books that came in every day, cataloging them on the computer into our system. I would even sneak in some reading of the ones I found interesting as I worked on them. I would keep a list on my computer and email it to myself of all the ones I wanted to read. Now I am currently back in college online, working on my library degree, which I love. It feels completely natural to me. I would love to have a job in a library again, and I'm thinking in the future, after a little more school I can be an art librarian or archivist in a library or art museum. I love to read nonfiction, especially psychology, but when I was in high school I would read a lot of fiction and ya, a couple books a day. I don't own nearly that many books though, because I've always used the library for a lot of my reading, but the books I do own, I would hate to part with.

-MissC* said...

Christopher no worries!!! lol I know exactly what you mean. It's rare if I buy a book new that I have never read or wasn't waiting for. If it's part of a series that I love then I will more than likely buy it new. but I try to buy my books used because I can buy more that way. I love going to garage sales and antique stores and finding old books!!! Such a joy to me!
Kristina I am so jealous!!!! I would give almost anything to work in a library. To be around those books!! I always donate books to libraries or buy books off of them. I have to have a lot of self control because I can still read a few books in a day. More if I have already read them.

Nikki said...

Yes yes rub it in that you have more books than I do. I'm older so that means I've read more ~sticks tongue out at you~.