Life As I See It.

My love, love, love, love.

What am I searching for.

Same thing as everyone else I think.

The only thing I ever could need.

Only one good thing worth trying to be.


Life As I See It.

I have had so many people tell me that if I wrote a book about my life it would be a best seller and probly a movie. I have to admit the thought is tempting. The closest I have come is to having a title. And I have had that for almost 10 years.

Life As I See It.

I have learned that no matter how flat you make a pancake it always has two sides. And while I will tell you one side is burnt, Nikki will say it tastes great with butter.

No matter what happens one persons version of the story is never the truth. Because they are only telling it as they see it. They might have seen more than someone else, or their feelings may interpret it another way.

I figured the best way to say what I want and not have a hundred people screaming at me is to simply say that this is My life, from my point of view.

Life As I See It.

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