Skyler-The Lost (Short Story) Part 1

"Your wondering what's on the other side of the hill is what's going to get you into trouble girl." She told herself silently as she continued to climb up the next one. She felt a certain sense of urgency that she couldn't explain, as she followed the trail she had seen the 4 young deer take just moments before. But she had no where to be and no on to report back to so she continued on.

Maybe it was that thought which was so hard for her to get used to. She was her own person. She had worked so long and so hard for her own freedom, but even though she had it she was still plagued with the thought that she could lose it at any time.

She shuddered inwardly and pushed those thoughts from her head. As she continued up her climb, she'd pause every so often and take a closer look at the scenery around her, breathing in the fresh scent of spring air on a warm afternoon.

When she had reached the top, instead of looking up at the sky, or back at how far she had come, she looked down, peering through the tall puzzle limbed trees she would soon be walking under, trying to decide which path looked the most interesting to hike down. Once she had chosen, she took her sweater off and wrapped it around her waist, revealing muscular, tanned arms and a well proportioned body under a sky blue tank top.

After bending down to pull the cuff of her jeans back over her boot she inwardly blew a kiss to the sun for good luck and set off on her round about way home.
She was very happy with the path she had taken. Soft green grass grew under her and big trees surrounded her. She took a deep breath and dreaded having to leave.


Instinctively she crouched down and put her hands up behind her head and looked around trying to see who had shot at her.
"Don't shoot!" She yelled down , unable to see who it was, "I'm unarmed."
"What are you doing here?" A male voice yelled from below.
"I was just out for a walk. I'm sorry I was unaware I was tresspassing." She yelled, still holding her hands behind her head, but slowly edging downwards.
"Shit Brian, it's a girl!" A man's voice said.
"Of course it's a girl! No guy could walk that softly."
Being slightly frightened at the fact that there were now two armed men, she stopped and leaned on the nearest tree. Everything got really quiet, and then four men came into her view.
She almost laughed aloud! They were younger than her! Probly barely out of school. But on the other hand they all held guns.

"So what are you doing here anyways?" One of them asked her.

Undermining her first nature to walk up and grab the nearest one's gun and beat him over the head with it, she unwillingly switched off her protective predator instincts. Slowly pushing her breasts forward and shoulders back, she carefully walked towards the men, making sure to take each step in such a way that made her hips sway. And dropping her voice down into it's deep southern drawl, she became the person she had tried so hard to forget had ever existed.

"Oh I am so sorry. I was just out walkin and and got lost. Lord O' Mercy ya'll must be my guardian angels here to rescue me."

She continued, willing this to work.

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