I'm under the weather, Just like the sun.
Sorry I'm so boring.
I'm getting soaked to my skin.
Constantly bailing out water, but I still feel like I'm gonna sink.
And you are so much more than you seem.
The places you've been, the things you have learned,
they sit with you so beautifully.
So sorry for being so boring.
It isn't very difficult to see why
you are the way you are.
You got to try to trust yourself.
But I know that's so hard.
And I am being so boring.
How do I show all the love in my heart?
Well this is new and I'm feelin my way through the dark.
And I need some protection
from my bullet proof plan.
Feel like I know you now.
And I will for always.
Even though I am so boring.
But I do think...
Like if I got lost would you go looking for me?
If I was a second too late or a moment too long would you wait for me?
Commonly connected by somethin bigger.
Sorry for being so boring.

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